If you’ve been saving to buy a Kia Stinger, now is probably the right time to take the plunge as there are some sweet deals out there. Our colleagues at Cars Direct have managed to find out Kia has set up a dealer cash incentive worth as much as $3,000, which in theory means you can save as much as three grand on a shiny new Stinger.

Don’t get too excited just yet because dealers are not forced in any way to pass along the money to the customer as they can keep the profit for themselves. Bear in mind the full $3,000 price reduction available through September 3 is applicable only for the V6 version whereas the lesser four-cylinder model is discounted by $2,000. As a refresher, the base Stinger 2.0L starts at $32,990 and the 3.3-liter Stinger GT is available from $39,300 in the United States.

The dealer cash incentive can be combined with a conquest incentive as Kia is offering a bonus if you’re coming from a rival automaker. The V6-powered versions of the Stinger get an extra $2,000 off while the four-banger gets its price slashed by $1,000.

Combining the two incentives means one can save as much as $5,000 for a 365-horsepower Stinger or $3,000 for the 255-hp model, provided the dealer fully passes along Kia’s cash incentive. Alternatively, Cars Direct mentions some buyers qualify for 0% financing for 75 months, but going down this road means you won’t be able to enjoy the dealer cash discount.

Interestingly, it looks like some Kia dealers might already be taking into account all of the discounts and bonuses applicable to drive down the Stinger’s price as much as possible. One relevant example comes from Woodbridge, Virginia where a dealer has a rear-wheel-drive Stinger GT painted in HiChroma Red with an MSRP $41,130 it’s selling for just $28,994, so a massive $12,136 discount.

These price cuts come at the right time considering sales of the Stinger are significantly down year-to-date in the U.S. where Kia sold 8,013 units compared to the 10,144 vehicles delivered in the January-July 2018 interval.

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