Earlier this month, we stumbled across a cool, army- and retro-inspired trailer from Patriot Campers. Well, it doesn’t move on its own, and in some of the photos of the trailer – the X1-N Desert Ops – there was a hulking Toyota Land Cruise in the background. Patriot Campers didn’t give any details about the Toyota at the time; however, we now have more information about it, and it’s just as cool as you’d expect. Watch out; it’s coming for your nostalgic heartstrings. 

Through its Patriot Campers Off Road brand, the company has prepared an equally retro Toyota Land Cruiser Supertourer to create quite the unique and compelling pair. One of the most striking details of the hauler is the livery with its retro graphics down the side and light-brown exterior paint. There are other touches, too, like a Toyota hood emblem, chrome side-view mirror housings, a snorkel, and a retro Toyota grille badge. Inside, it even offers sheepskin seat covers. 

But the Toyota Land Cruiser Supertourer Desert Ops offers more than a simple appearance package. The Desert Ops trim offers a four-inch lift, rear airbags, a JMACX steering damper, hydraulic brake booster, a 180-liter (47-gallon) fuel tank, and aftermarket exhaust. There are plenty of options, too, including a second battery, Alpine stereo upgrade, Recaro seats, backup camera, and more, which can quickly add to the price. 

Gallery: Patriot Campers Toyota Land Cruiser Supertourer Desert Ops

The company lists the starting price at AU$189,000 (about $128,110 at current exchange rates) and says these will be available for a limited time only. Considering the company was only making 20 Desert Ops X1-N trailers, you may want to buy soon before you pair a retro trailer with a non-retro hauler – or vice versa. 

The Patriot Campers pair does look impressive with their matching retro-inspired liveries and fierce, off-road-ready look. They are far from the cheapest off-road, home-away-from-home offering; however, there’s no denying their appeal. 

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