Premiering at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show is this; the bold and beautiful B-segment concept car from Ford. Unveiled today, following the leaked sketches we brought to you yesterday, the Verve brings the firm's 'kinetic design momentum' to Ford's next-generation of small cars, taking cues from the iosis Concept and siblings such as the new Mondeo and S-Max. The Verve Concept is very much a 'bold expression of small-car vision'.

But while certain design elements are likely to be ditched for production, this is the biggest clue yet as to the Fiesta's new look, while the concept hints too at the next-generation Ka. The design very much embodies 'kinetic design', its front being dominated by a gaping lower grille and sweeping headlights. A poised stance, sweeping side profile and subtly-designed additions at the rear including styled exhausts and lip spoiler contribute to the concept car's sporting intentions but are all likely to be shown the door for standard production variants. Beltline rear lights are however almost certain for the new Fiesta in favour of the previous-generation's pillar-mounted tail-lamps.

The first look at the next-gen Fiesta's interior reveals what could be a remarkably high-quality and design-led cabin, while the concept's full-length panoramic sunroof previews a future box on the options list. 

The Verve Concept is one of three eye-catching concepts that the firm is to debut in key regions - Europe, Asia and North America - to gauge public opinion in helping to develop a new small-car portfolio for major world markets. Whether the next Fiesta will enter the US market unchanged from the European version remains to be seen, however given the conflict between 'kinetic' and 'three-bar' styles, it is expected that the new Fiesta will arrive on US shores largely unchanged.

Gallery: Verve Concept previews future small-car Fords

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