This rather elegant glider can be turned into a sportier street burner. A.R.T. makes this possible through an exceedingly successful aerodynamic kit combined with DTM sport resemblance.

Based on Mercedes CLS 350

From elegant to sporty street burner. It's all possible if you hand over your Mercedes CLS 350 to the Nuremberg tuning experts at A.R.T. who will transform the car into the GTR 374. The GTR 374 has an AK35 supercharger system bolted onto the 3.5 liter V6 which pushes its limits to 374 hp with 510 Nm torque. The power enhancement can be heard (and felt) inside the cabin thanks to ART's four anti-corrosion stainless steel 100mm double-walled tailpipes.

So with performance taken care of, ART turned to styling. A sportier look is achieved, without sacrificing the elegance of the CLS350, by widening the car and touching it with some DTM style. The widening is achieved with broader fenders with warm air outlet vents, side skirts, widened car doors and rear panels with air inlets. ART also added a lift-reducing front spoiler bumper with Lamella grill without the MB star, while the rear receives a new bumper with diffuser.

Power is put to the road with 20 inch ARTstar2 light-weight alloy wheels in NANO black satin matt finish. The six-spoke wheels supply enough intake airflow to the brakes and are wrapped in wide 255/30R20 (front) and 305/30R20 (rear) rubber.

The interior is treated with alcantara ultra-suede furnishings and plenty of carbon details, but if this is not enough luxury to wallow in, ART will furnish the car with whatever the client fancies.