Vilner has revealed on Facebook last weekend they are working on a heavily modified Mitsubishi EVO X.

Specialized in creating high-quality customized interiors, the Bulgarians over at Vilner are embarking on a more ambitious project as they will be turning a stock EVO X into this significantly modified limited edition variant. Aside from design sketches, no other details are provided but most likely some hardware changes will be available to match the radical new look.

In terms of styling, just about everything will change, starting with the wide body kit, black roof, huge front and rear diffusers, beefy side skirts, redesigned hood with a scoop, big rear wing, widened wheel arches, LED headlamps, lowered suspension and new six-spoke orange wheels. Needless to say, the interior cabin will also be modified in typical Vilner style.

Gallery: Vilner working on heavily modified Mitsubishi EVO X

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