Ambulances are supposed to save people in harm, so it's weird to see one of them crash. This incident was even more bizarre because a pair of the life-saving vehicles slammed into each other while responding to the same call in the Bronx, New York. A camera filming the intersection caught the shocking collision that turned one of the ambulances over on its side and destroyed a pole.

Folks at the scene jumped into action and helped rescue the paramedics. Four rescue workers had to go to the hospital, but there were no life-threatening injuries. A crane was necessary to lift the overturned ambulance upright.

Both ambulances were responding to a call about an intoxicated man who was acting violently, according to WLNY News. That incident was reportedly only about a block away from the scene of this crash. One of the ambulances should have slowed down through the intersection because the traffic light would have been red for them. Since the drivers were responding to such a nearby scene, the rescuers were understandably in a hurry to arrive where they were needed.

The ambulance crash forced police to close the intersection and backed up traffic in the vicinity as people had to find an alternate way around the area. Video from the scene showed that authorities weren't able to haul away the overturned ambulance until after dark, despite the collision happening a little after 4:00 PM local time.

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