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If there’s one thing worse than traffic itself, it’s other drivers. They’re rude. They’re selfish. They’re aggressive. At least in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles. But as shown in a video uploaded by YouTube-user Allison Klemes, LA's drivers are also rather crafty.

Take this Lexus ES 300 driver, who’s literally gone about writing signs to let other drivers know his driving intentions. “Please Let me in,” the Lexus driver’s sign politely reads, as he attempts to merge into the left lane with his left turn signal on. It’s enough of a plea that he’s clearly given the signal by another driver off-screen to cut in front of their vehicle.

But this man’s politeness knows no bounds, and he shuffles through his papers to pull out an obligatory “Thanks” sign. Truly, this is proof that our parents weren’t lying when they informed us as children that “please” and “thank you” are magic words.

While this is a sweet moment in traffic between two drivers, I can’t help but feel this is the exception and not the rule of how this Lexus driver’s system usually plays out. If my experience driving through the Mad Max-like traffic of Miami is anything to go by, then this driver’s politeness is likely regularly met with feigned ignorance or lewd hand gestures.

Then again, Californians may simply have a higher tolerance for this Lexus driver’s antics. What’s important is that this man’s sign system worked, and there’s now hope in our hearts that even terrible traffic can’t suppress the better angels of mankind’s nature.

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