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Back in 2013, BMW wanted some change, so the German automaker rejiggered its 3 Series lineup. The company decided to take the 3 Series coupe and convertible and move them under the banner of a new model – the 4 Series. It’s soldiered on since without a significant update – but that’s about to change. Earlier this year, videos and photos began emerging of camouflaged BMW 4 Series prototypes testing in Munich, at the Nurburgring, and other locales. New video shows the BMW 4 Series convertible hitting the Nurburgring for another round of intense testing as development continues. 

Much of the design remains hidden by clever camouflage and padding that obscures the finer details of the convertible’s new design. However, it should borrow heavily from the larger 8 Series and smaller Z4, especially at the front. The convertible doesn’t look as elegant as the coupe, though that’s likely due to the black soft top set against the swirling white and black camouflage. 

One of the most significant changes for the next 4 Series convertible is the move from a hard convertible top to a soft top. The move will help the 4 Series save weight, which should be a considerable amount as BMW is moving the 4 Series to its CLAR platform. The top change could compromise structural rigidity; however, the overall weight savings should improve handling and performance behind the wheel.

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Whatever powers the 4 Series convertible will also power the 4 Series coupe. There’s also the possibility of a hybrid powertrain, too. However, it appears U.S. customers could be stuck with the automatic gearbox, according to new rumors now circulating. Those who want to row their own gears in a 4 Series will need to upgrade to the M4, which should pack plenty of power with its 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine making 473 horsepower (352 kilowatts). Upgrading to the Competition trim could offering 503 hp (375 kW). 

BMW could unveil the new 4 Series before the end of the year; however, people should expect the new model at dealership sometime next year with the coupe hitting the market first followed by the convertible. Once those two models are available, expect the high-performance M4 coupe and convertible to arrive, too. 

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