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Would you get in a car with a nest of southern yellowjackets? Even with a protective suit on, it seems like a bad idea, but the guys in this video are professionals. They almost make the stunt look fun. 

The earlier video (below) provides a better view of this giant nest in a Chevrolet Malibu. The hive is most noticeable on the passenger side and is nearly as high as the dashboard there. It's also hanging down from the roof. Oddly, the yellowjackets are ignoring the driver seat. Apparently, they don't like being behind the wheel. The situation is almost as bad in the back where the nest is up to the level of the seats on both sides.


The owner of the Malibu thought the car was full of honey bees and contacted the owner of Stinger Creations and Stinger Exterminating, the maker of this video, to remove the hive. Given the ongoing issue with bee colony hive collapse, this was the right thing to do. However, the person was mistaken because yellowjackets have taken over the car.

Judging by Stinger Creations' other videos, the process of getting rid of the nest mostly involves breaking it apart. We hope that there's a video showing the aftermath of what the Malibu's interior looks like after removing the hive. 


For an example of the danger that these insects pose, watch the video above. The southern yellowjacket is venomous, but a single sting isn't deadly. However, one worker can attack several times, and these videos show that hundreds or thousands could swarm a person at once. Angering a hive of the size without wearing protection could easily become a deadly encounter.

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