Lotus Australia has announced the fastest, most-desirable and exclusively tuned Lotus Exige to ever go on sale in Australia, the Lotus Sport 240.

Australia only

Lotus Australia is having a great year with sales expected to exceed its previous best by 20% and already doubling 2006 sales numbers. And today Lotus Australia announces the Lotus Exige Sport 240, a special edition Exige conceived and designed by the Australian division and destined to stay in Australia only. "Designed specifically for Australia, we are excited and proud to add this bespoke Exige to our existing range." said Jonathan Stretton.

As you would expect from the name, the Lotus Exige Sport 240 is boosted to 240 hp (179kW) with 230 nM torque through a new ECU and upgraded fuel injectors. It will be the first production car in Australia to use a driver-adjustable stand-alone traction control, the kind found in Formula 1 and this particular one developed in Lotus' Sport UK GT3 motorsport program. It has 18 preset levels of traction control intervention, giving the driver ultimate control in any road condition. The Exige sprints to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, 160 km/h in 9.9 seconds and will continue untill it hits its 249 km/h top speed.

Australia's most exclusive Exige ever comes with an avalanche of modifications like more power, bigger brakes, body modifications, two bespoke colors (Blaze Orange and Sapphire Black) and interior adjustments. The orange version has black details in its front splitter, rear wing, wheels and rear panel infill and vice versa on its black counterpart.

The Exige Sport 240 is not only for track days though, as the interior comes with the Lotus Touring Plus pack which includes leather seats, air conditioning and sound insulation amongst others. Just six (6) will initially be available to the Australian public priced at AUD 149,990 and will make its global debut at the Australian International Motor Show in October.

Lotus Exige Sport 240 (AU)