Who would dare take an iconic American nameplate and completely change what makes it great? Well, Chevrolet did it with the new mid-engine C8 Corvette, and aside from a few grumbling ‘Vette purists who still lament the disappearance of hidden headlights, response to the car has been overwhelmingly positive.


That prompted TheSketchMonkey to give Ford’s iconic pony car a similar mid-engine makeover. Of course, Ford already has a mid-engine supercar with the GT, but be honest – ever since you learned about Chevrolet’s efforts on the Corvette, you’ve wondered what a Mustang would be like with its engine behind the driver. Well, wonder no more.

As with the recent mid-engine Mini makeover, TheSketchMonkey starts with a hand drawing on old-fashioned paper to get a feel for the Mustang’s altered proportions. It’s a rough sketch, but it serves as a foundation to build a new pony car in Photoshop. Also, it once again gives us inside look at how a properly talented designer tackles such a project with relative ease. If we sound jealous of his skill, it’s because we are.

Gallery: Mid-Engine Ford Mustang Rendering

The obvious changes are a shortening of the nose with an elongated backside. As the video shows, however, it’s not just a simple case of shifting proportions. Cooling needs for the engine are also addressed, and when something as heavy as an engine changes position, chassis and suspension changes are also required and that means tweaking the rear of the car to accommodate those differences.

Hearing the process explained is wonderful, but watching it is pure bliss for tech nerds like us. Starting with a standard S550 Mustang image, the work is fast and furious and dare we say, looks almost effortless. Moving the greenhouse forward instantly gives the Mustang a mid-engine shape, but the follow-up detail work makes the design come alive. The end-product certainly looks like a Mustang, but with the engine in the middle, the ‘Stang has a very Audi feel about it. Honestly, we're not sure how we feel about that.

Would you have a mid-engine Mustang like this, or do you prefer your pony cars with the engine in the front? Let’s discuss.

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