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Campers come in all shapes and sizes with prices to match. Patriot Campers, the Australian camper company, is launching the X1-N, a new and improved version of its trademark offering. To celebrate the new model, Patriot Campers is beginning with just 20 limited edition Desert Ops models that sport a retro color scheme. While the X1-N looks tough with its army-inspired appearance, it’s the perfect home away from home

The X1-N’s most significant selling point is its versatility. The camper features the company’s own mounting platform that can carry whatever you want – bags, bikes, kayaks, various types of tents, and even more storage capacity. It measures 12 feet long and six feet wide, weighing 1,825 pounds (828 kilograms), and packs a lot into a small space. For example, a 40-gallon (155-liter) water tank fits underneath the camper, helping to keep the center of gravity low.

One side is home to your everyday essentials such as the stove, fridge, sink, which is capable of fitting a full-size dish. There’s also storage for kitchenware, too. Moving to the rear, there’s a sizeable cavernous space for your larger camping items. On the other side is even more storage along with hookups for a shower and other necessities. One of the more striking features of the camper is the 270-degree awning that covers the kitchen and rear of the camper while providing a covered space to entertain.

Gallery: Patriot Campers X1-N Desert Ops

While Patriot Campers is an Australian company, their campers, including the X1-N are available in the U.S. The X1-N has an MSRP of $30,900 while the limited-run X1-N Desert Ops requires another $1,000 at $31,900. That’s a lot of money to drop on a camper. However, the X1-N is compact, versatile, and customizable. The retro graphics and 35-inch tires help sell the package. 

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