Ever since the Ford Mustang went global, it’s become something of a darling for tuning companies around the world. The latest company outside the U.S. to tackle the famous Pony Car is Wolf Racing, based in Neuenstein, Germany. The tuner actually has a bit of prior experience with Ford, not to mention ties to various racing programs in several national and international motorsport venues. That experience is utilized for this special edition “One of 7” edition by Wolf Racing, and as the name suggests, it will be very exclusive.

Wolf Racing’s Mustang will be very powerful as well. Starting life as a stock Euro-spec Mustang GT, its 5.0-liter V8 receives a host of Ford high-performance parts sourced from the States. What that entails specifically isn’t known, but an Edelbrock supercharger is part of the package, and all combined, it yields an impressive 735 horsepower (548 kilowatts) with 649 pound-feet (880 Newton-meters) of torque. The power upgrade can be connected to either the Mustang’s six-speed manual or ten-speed automatic, and according to Wolf Racing, it will send the muscle car to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just under four seconds. We suspect traction might be an issue there, because a stock Mustang GT already hits that benchmark time.

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To help handle the power, Wolf Racing infuses its special Mustang with a limited-slip differential and an adjustable coilover suspension upgrade that features a 1.18-inch (30-millimeter) drop in ride height. Filling any remaining wheel gap are a fresh set of 21-inch Wolf Racing wheels shod with rubber-band-spec Michelin Pilot Sport tires front and rear. A graphics package and carbon-fiber spoiler add to exterior aesthetics, while sports seats with embroidered headrests, a sports steering wheel, and special “One of 7” badging inside the car identify it as something special.

Only seven examples will be built as part of Wolf Racing’s 40th anniversary, but they won’t be cheap. It will take €94,440 to put one of these special ‘Stang’s in your garage, which tops six figures in U.S. currency. 

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735 hp, 880 Nm: Wolf Racing creates a limited edition Mustang to celebrate its 40th Anniversary.


  • The order book is open for the exclusive “One of 7” limited edition
  • Exclusive Edition model now available from the Ford tuner


Ford tuner Wolf Racing is 40 years old this year. To commemorate this important milestone they have created a limited edition high-performance Mustang with the “One of 7” label. Four of these exclusive cars will be available in red and three in black, with a price tag of 94,440 euros. Interested parties will have to be quick as this supercharged 735 hp / 880 Nm bombshell, based on the current Ford Mustang GT (CZG model series), is sure to be in great demand with collectors.


The spirit and technical excellence that gave rise to the founding of Wolf Racing in 1979 lives on in their conversion for today’s high-performance Mustang (CZG). The seven limited edition Ford Mustang GT cars that will be built to mark the company’s 40th Anniversary epitomise the wealth of experience and technical prowess the team has accumulated over the years. Like a haute couture tailor with the finest cloth as their blank canvas, Wolf Racing takes the 5.0 litre V8 with either the six-speed manual or ten-speed automatic transmission and fettles it using original Ford high performance parts from the US and an Edelbrock supercharger.


The result is 735 hp underpinned by a brutal 880 Nm of torque, a massive step up from the 450 hp and 529 Nm of the stock motor. This newfound output endows the 1,800 kg Mustang with supercar performance that sees it scorching to 100km/h in a fraction under 4.0 sec. Even beyond 160 km/h a light touch on the throttle pedal delivers strong acceleration that pushes you back in your seat. To help tame this power safely Wolf Racing uprates the chassis with a limited slip differential and a coil-over suspension kit. With independently adjustable bounce and rebound settings to optimise the ride and handling this kit also drops the ride height by some 30mm. Making full use of the lower, more purposeful stance the Wolf Racing “One of 7" Mustang has its wheel arches filled by a set of distinctive wheels featuring five inclined spokes. These specially painted wheels are sized 9.0J and 10.5J x 21-inch front and rear respectively, and shod with 255/30ZR21 and 305/25ZR21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber. Other exterior visual cues that mark out this special high-performance Mustang are the carbon-fibre rear spoiler and unique graphics.


In the cabin, this special edition model features a different sports steering wheel and sports seats with colour coded piping and the distinctive Wolf logo embroidered into the headrests. A 40th Anniversary, “One of 7” dashboard plaque and floor mats with the Wolf logo complete the bespoke interior package.


The 40th Anniversary, “One of 7” edition Mustang is available exclusively from Wolf Racing and can be ordered now for 94,440 euros.


Further information can be found at www.wolf-racing.de.


About Wolf Racing:


“High Performance since 1979” is more than just a marketing phrase for Ford tuner Wolf Racing; it is a way of life.  The Wolf Racing story began in 1979 when Walter Wolf set up his small business in a barn and began preparing race engines and complete racing cars. Based in Neuenstein near Heilbronn, the company was active in national and international motorsport, cars that it prepared winning races in the DTM, DTC, STW and ADAC GT Championships. During the 1980s and ‘90s this semi-works team lent their experience to Ford, helping them set up a factory team. Wolf Racing also contributed to the development of various race and rally vehicles, scoring over 30 victories and 100 podium finishes with well-known drivers.

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