If you are new to the salvage and clean title vehicle market, then this video is probably going to shock you, at least a little. But before we get to the point, let us briefly explain how the damaged cars auctions work. Companies like Copart offer online vehicle auction services for used vehicle dealers, dismantlers, rebuilders, exporters and often the general public. Simply put, if you don’t have the money to buy your dream car, you can get it damaged from auction platforms like Copart and rebuild it to former glory. That’s what a lot of people in the United States and Europe do.

Back to the video we’ve got here, it comes from YouTube channel Samcrac and takes us to a used car auction lot with hundreds of damaged cars from all price segments and of all types. The star of the 25-minute clip is a Ferrari 488 Pista with just 149 miles (240 kilometers) on the odometer. That’s basically a brand new mid-engine sports car that debuted a little over a year ago and is now waiting for its new caring owner to get it back to life. And it’s not just a “standard” 488 Pista (if such a term even exists) – it’s a rather special model with lots of additional features.

As the video shows in details, the car from Maranello is damaged at the passenger side with the door pretty much completely destroyed. The quarter panel behind the door and the small rocker panel beneath that also need to be replaced but everything else seems to be in perfect condition as far as the mechanicals are concerned. The interior needs to be thoroughly cleaned because it looks like someone might’ve spilled his drink during the crash but that’s not a biggie.

The video also takes a look at a few other damaged vehicles, including a Porsche 911, two Bentley Bentaygas, two Mercedes-Benz S-Classes, an SL, and others.

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