Ah the Ford Crown Victoria, the backbone of police departments, reliable partners of taxi drivers, and an all-around dependable full-size sedan. For twenty years, the lovable Crown Vic held a place in the hearts of Americans, serving all known facets of society with distinction. Having stopped production in 2012, the Crown Vic has been retired in favor of newer, more sophisticated vehicles. Regardless, those looking for a workhorse will find that the Crown Victoria a willing companion on the second hand market. And, if you're lucky, you can stumble upon rare, one of a kind editions of the Crown Vic, such as this convertible.

Gallery: Your Friends Totally Want You To Buy This Crown Victoria Two-Door Convertible

For those wondering, there was never a convertible version of the Crown Victoria, making this an actual one-off. This 1999 Ford Crown Victoria was spotted for sale on Facebook Marketplace, an ad posted by a page called Kruze N Kleen. The four-door sedan has been heavily modified into a two-door convertible by welding the rear doors shut, moving the B-pillar back quite a bit, and, literally, dropping the roof. Yes, there is no roof to speak of, making it perfect for those who live and breathe the "top down" life. The car has a little over 186,000 miles on the odometer, and no additional info was posted about engine modifications or interior condition. 

It should still have the throaty 4.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 under the hood, and, if the looks alone don't sell it, that engine makes this purchase a tempting one, indeed. From the pictures posted, we can tell that the interior needs some touching up, but a little cleaning and elbow grease can do wonders. Or you could let the rain do all the work. In any case, this convertible Crown Vic is a great conversation starter, and we'd buy it in a heartbeat just for the kicks. 

Source: Facebook Marketplace




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