With the new 2020 Chevy Corvette comes a new interior, too. While the row of HVAC buttons separating the driver and passenger have been a point of discussion and polarization, there's still a lot we don't know about the interior. The interior is aggressively driver-focused with the interior pointing the most important functions toward the driver seat. A new video from SlashGear takes us into the infotainment system and instrument cluster. 

While the video's focus is on the two screened systems, it opens with the blaring 14-speaker Bose Performance Series audio system. Bose tuned the sound system specifically for the C8 Corvette, spreading the 14 speakers throughout the interior. While it's difficult to enjoy the system's loudness, there's no doubt about its clarity. After the demonstration, Alexis Reusch, the Corvette's Infotainment Project Manager, dives into the infotainment system and instrument cluster.

The cluster is customizable that changes depending on the drive mode selected. Then within those specific menus, drivers can customize certain areas that are then saved for the future. Each mode has a particular layout. For example, Sport Mode features dynamic shift lights in the center while Track Mode moves the tachometer to the top for easier visibility. Chevy's Performance Data Recorder is present as well, which also displays some information in the instrument cluster. 

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The PDR is also accessible in the infotainment system, which looks very fast and responsive. There may be HVAC buttons; however, there are redundant controls in the infotainment system, too, which is part of the interior's purpose – allowing owners to customize the instrument cluster and infotainment system to their desired preferences. The infotainment system also houses the Corvette's Z-Mode that houses engine sound, along with steering feel, powertrain setup, and brake response. 

The 2020 Corvette builds on the C7's improved interior and, from the looks of it, takes it to the next level. The infotainment screen and instrument cluster look top-notch. The 14-speaker Bose Performance Series audio system sounds kickin', and the interior is bathed in high-quality materials. The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is shaping up to be a beautiful place to spend an afternoon driving to wherever one's heart desires. 

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