The phrase 6x6 typically leads one to think of the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6. Top Gear’s Richard Hammond showcased just how ridiculous that vehicle was. However, we’ve found another 6x6 creation that is just as absurd. The folks at Patriot Campers took a Toyota Land Cruiser, added an axle, and went even crazier from there.

In the video, a Patriot Camper employee showcases the Toyota Land Cruiser SuperTourer 6x6 and all of its insanity. Patriot Campers is one of the premier companies in the world for overlanding modifications. Along with constructing overland vehicles, they make their own wheels, trailers, and utility canopies. Australian built, their products are designed to stand up to the toughest off-road conditions.

“They’re just cool,” says the employee, regarding the extra-wheeled layout. Though visually over-the-top, the six-wheel Cruiser is more capable than you may imagine. The system fitted to the Land Cruiser features three locking differentials, one at each axle. Locking differentials allow the wheels to spin at the same speeds, increasing traction in off-road situations – add an extra axle and the grip gets even better.

In the name of practicality, the 6x6 modifications increase the load capacity of the vehicle, as well. The Land Cruiser in the video can handle up to 4,500 kilograms (9,920 pounds) of additional cargo.  With overlanding vehicles, every bit counts when it comes to load capacity.

The video also highlights additional features that come with the company’s SuperTourer package. The added kit boasts King remote reservoir suspension out back with adjustable airbags. 

toyota landcruiser overlander

Along with the modifications underneath, the package is built around a custom-built truck bed. With aluminum construction, the bed is light, strong, and most resistant to corrosion. Inside the bed is a water pump, toolbox, winch, and roll-out storage for more overlanding equipment. The vehicle is also fitted with an adventure-ready long-range fuel tank, ready to take on journey after journey.

Despite the extensive modifications, this monster is road legal with a standard driver's license. Equal parts elegant and ridiculous, this 6x6 Cruiser leaves a lasting impression.

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