Designer Edwin Senger has imagined the futuristic Land Rover Back Packer concept as a modular vehicle capable of taking people anywhere. He specifically takes inspiration for the Series I Land Rover but adapts the basic idea of a simple, rugged machine for the modern world.

Gallery: Land Rover Back Packer Concept Rendering

Senger imagines a person being able to rent the Back Packer, and travel service would outfit the machine with a variety of modular packs. The equipment could include useful items like solar, sail, camping toilet, water tank, cooking set, and a fridge.

The Back Packer also doubles as a place to sleep at night. The seats can hold down and slide out of the way in the cabin to provide extra room. The tops of the roll hoops and base of the hood offer connection points for occupants to enclose the cabin.

It's also possible to install a different roof design in case the conditions don't call for open-air driving. It can just cover the top to keep the sun off occupants or extend downward for protection from rainy weather.

With little of the bodywork extending past the wheels, a vehicle like this should excel in off-road conditions. Plus, a sophisticated electric powertrain should be able to put the power to whichever wheel needs the torque most. Range anxiety might be a factor since recharging stations are nonexistent in the wilderness, but the available solar sail would at least be able to recoup some energy from the sun's rays.

A vehicle like the Back Packer would make sense as a niche offering from Land Rover. The brand currently lacks a pure EV offering, and Senger's design would be a way to introduce the powertrain to the range while retaining the company's rugged legacy.

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