In a recent interview, the global vice president of Cadillac hinted at the possibility of adding an ATS coupe and a new flagship model to be positioned above the XTS.

Cadillac's global vice president, Robert Ferguson, has revealed some new details about the company's future product lineup.

Speaking at the introduction of the ELR, Ferguson told Automobile Magazine that the ATS is a great car and "we need to have variations of it" so "we will." This means we can expect a coupe and a high-performance V-Series, but Ferguson says a wagon is out of the question.

When asked about a car positioned above the XTS, Ferguson was noncommittal but hinted "The notion of having a larger Cadillac or a flagship Cadillac is intriguing, and certainly the marketing research says there’s opportunity.”

In related news, the executive dismissed rumors that the brand would tone down its styling to appeal to Chinese consumers. As he explained, “The testing shows that our styling does very well in China. I think our American luxury styling is a great advantage in China."