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The fourth-generation A80 Toyota Supra is a legendary vehicle, but lost in all its 2JZ-fueled glory is a somewhat unflattering truth. It wasn’t the best car in the world when it came to tacking corners. The A80 wasn’t terrible in the twisties, but its claim-to-fame was undoubtedly the 2JZ engine that could produce limitless horsepower for deity-like acceleration pulls on empty highways.

We mention this because the new A90 Supra is also fast, but until the video above from Evasive Motorsports on YouTube, we haven’t had a proper scope on its ability to turn. We’ve seen the Supra on Top Gear's test track in the hands of The Stig, and we’ve heard estimates on Nürburgring times from Toyota executives. We’ve even experienced the A90’s lateral abilities firsthand and were quite impressed. This clip, however, gives us a hard-and-fast lap time to compare with other cars. And it’s exceptionally quick.

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The lap comes from Buttonwillow Raceway, something of a hidden gem in Southern California. In the hands of pro drifter Dai Yoshihara, the showroom stock Supra clocked a time of 1:58.92. That probably means nothing to most of you, so to give it some context, here are comparable times for this particular track configuration as reported by A Nissan GT-R was just a touch quicker at 1:56.9, but it beat a 1:59.7 time set by a seriously capable  997-series Porsche 911 GT2. So yeah, this new A90 has some moves to go with its stout acceleration.

Perhaps of more interest is the bit of criticism Yoshihara has for the Supra. Criticism might be a bit harsh – he casually commented on the amount of roll and movement in the suspension, and the street tires apparently didn’t have quite the bite he was looking for. It requires a bit of manhandling to really go fast, which is an experience we shared during our Supra first drive at Summit Point Raceway.

Our takeaway from all this isn’t that the Supra could be better. Rather, it seems like Toyota has left room for a hardcore track-edition model with a tighter suspension and more power. Considering how capable the car is already, that’s a Supra we’d really like to drive.

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