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We love Australia. The country is big, the engines are big, the burnouts are positively epic, and when it comes to overlanding, the off-roaders aren’t just showpieces on big tires. Patriot Campers Off Road (PCOR for short) is well acquainted with creating such monsters, especially when it comes to the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser. PCOR offers a range of upgraded LC79 models that the company calls the Supertourer, but this one is different than all the rest – and not just because of its bright blue finish.

The video at the top of the article outlines all the specific upgrades PCOR installed on this one-of-one build. The customer specifically asked for something unlike any other off-roader, and to meet that request, PCOR fitted this LC79 with portal axles. For those unfamiliar with such an arrangement, portal axles offer significantly better ground clearance by moving the axle and the differential higher into the vehicle’s frame. As such, the wheels aren’t driven by the axle directly, but through a type of gearbox at each wheel. As you can see from the photos below, this truck has all kinds of space underneath, and the arrangement allows for larger 35-inch off-road tires as well.

Gallery: Supertourer LC79 Custom Landcruiser

Aside from the suspension, this Supertourer is fitted with a PCOR standard-issue aluminum bed at the rear which is filled with lockable storage areas and sliding trays. No less than three fuel tanks are mounted underneath, offering a combined fuel capacity of 290 liters (76.6 gallons) for extended trips in the Outback. Custom bumpers front and rear contain winches for pulling the truck out of trouble in the unlikely event it gets stuck. Side steps help driver and passengers get in the high-riding overlander, while a dual bank of high-power LED lights upfront with more LEDs around the cab effectively erase darkness.

Since this was a special build for a specific customer, the total cost for the project isn’t mentioned in the clip. According to PCOR’s website, the LC79 Supertourer starts at $118,000 AUD, which equals $80,824 in U.S. currency. That’s actually pretty reasonable for a truck with such capability, but portal axles are terrifically expensive, and with all the other gear included in this project, it’s safe to say we’re looking at a lot of cash to bring this Supertourer to life.

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