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We’ve all seen limousine – weddings, proms, and other special occasions require a unique mode of transportation. The setup is almost always the same – take a mass-produced luxury vehicle, lengthen it, add a luxurious yet durable interior, and boom, you have a limousine. Often, they retain the same number of doors – four – however, there are six-door limousines out in the world, and the walkoARTvideos YouTube channel, which often captures camouflaged prototypes, caught a six-door Volvo limousine cruising the streets of some unnamed English city.

The video is excruciatingly short; however, the Volvo cruises by just slow enough for us to get a good look at it. There’s no denying the six-door layout. It also appears that all the seats, even those in the limousine’s expansive rear passenger compartment are facing forward. A quick Google search turned up several different interior layouts, including the one in the Volvo above. What’s interesting is there is a six-door layout with the passenger compartment seats facing each other, as you’d expect in a shorter limousine or extended-wheelbase offering.

This also isn’t our first time seeing a six-door Volvo limo. Back in 2015, we found photos of a six-door Volvo S80 limousine, which looks nearly identical to the Volvo limo above, on the back of a semi-truck trailer. They have different wheels. That limo from 2015 was done by Nilsson Special Vehicles, which has a history of converting Volvo products into a variety of purpose-built vehicles such as limousines, ambulances, and other models of the same ilk.

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What’s most interesting about the Volvo limousine in the video above is its lack of passengers. For some reason, only the middle two forward-facing seats have occupants. It appears the third-row is empty. It’s overkill to take a limousine for just four people. Then again, they could have been heading somewhere to collect the others. Either way, a six-door Volvo isn’t limousine equivalent of the Toyota Corolla.

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