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Like it or not, the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is a game-changer. GM will offer this V8-powered, mid-engined supercar for less than $60,000 in base trim when it goes on sale later this year. As we recently learned through GM’s official C8 order guide, that base ‘Vette will still be well-equipped, though we suspect most buyers will up the ante by at least choosing the Z51 Performance Package.

We had a close look at the new C8 during its official launch ceremony on July 18, but the folks at Donut Media recently had an opportunity to take a more intimate look at Chevy’s groundbreaking supercar, as seen in the video at the top of the page.

This front-to-back video offers exceptional detail on the mid-engined Corvette’s design, both inside and out. As the video mentions, there’s been some criticism that the C8 doesn’t look like a Corvette but in person, the car definitely has a ‘Vette flavor and this clip captures some of that. The styling cues are primarily linked to the C7, notably with the sharp nose, but the arched fenders a quad-taillight arrangement are certainly hallmarks of the storied moniker.

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We’re also treated to a good look inside, where the Corvette has long received demerits for feeling cheap. Our man Clint Simone spent some time inside the C8 and this clip confirms his initial assessment – the new Corvette’s greenhouse is unlike any other both in design and finish. There’s a definitive driver-centric cockpit feel, with leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber appointments to offer an upscale experience. The center spine with its row of buttons is a bit controversial, but there is something to be said for offering simple push-button controls for simple actions.


Going mid-engine with the Corvette is something Chevrolet has tried to do for decades. With the average age of Corvette buyers being over 60 years, the automaker absolutely needed to make a bold step to try and capture younger buyers who might otherwise turn to Porsche or Audi. Speaking to current Corvette owners at the recent Black Hills Corvette Classic, we found cautious optimism about the new car but few people interested in actually buying one.

The fact that the 2020 Stingray is already nearly sold out suggests Chevy’s strategy to attract new blood is working. Either way, the next few years in the Corvette world should be quite exciting.

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