As the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette makes its way to dealerships across the country for its debut tour, we learn more and more about the wide range of options and customization available for the new car. Thanks to a savvy reader, we don’t have to rely on presentations to see the bigger picture. Jumping over to, you can actually download the mid-engine Corvette’s complete order guide, and we do mean complete. This is a 36-page PDF that lists every item offered, including whether it’s standard equipment or optional.

Quite a bit of this info is already known from the Corvette playbook we recently featured, but with 36 pages of info, this order guide literally leaves no stone unturned. Sadly, the guide still doesn’t offer fresh insight into pricing, but after perusing it for the better part of an hour we have a few takeaways you might find interesting.

Base Model Is Well Equipped

GM promises the C8 Corvette will start under $60,000. When automakers advertise a surprisingly low entry-level price point, it’s usually for a sparsely optioned vehicle that virtually nobody would want. In this instance, we’re happy to say a base model Corvette still has plenty to offer in the way of features. The infotainment setup is Chevrolet’s 3 Plus system with the same 8-inch touchscreen you’ll find on higher-spec models, with a Bose sound system supplying the tunes. The only notable differences we found on upgraded models were additional memory for more in-car apps, a nav system, and 14 speakers instead of only 10.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Additionally, the base Corvette still has power seats, remote start, a rear-view camera, rear parking assist, and basic safety systems like traction and stability control. Sure, the really cool stuff like the head-up display, front and rear cameras, and front lift system require stepping up to at least the 2LT level. But a base Corvette still appears to be a snazzy ride with plenty of power.

Teen Driver Mode

Perhaps one of the more unlikely features, Teen Driver Mode is standard-issue and allows customization for certain vehicle settings associated with a particular key fob. In short, the fob can be programmed so various driver assist systems can’t be turned off, and it monitors driver activity to create a “report card” for the ‘Vette’s owner to review. Many vehicles offer this, and it’s perhaps better-known as a valet mode to keep would-be joyriders from getting too crazy. We find it a bit amusing that GM instead markets this as something to help “coach your new driver,” because turning a mid-engined supercar over to a teenager is something people do all the time. 

495 Horsepower Without The Z51 Performance Package

We know all about the Z51 Performance Package, but some items can be ordered separately, including the performance exhaust system. According to this order guide, the exhaust adds an estimated 5 horsepower, which supports the base hp figure of 490 that we heard unofficially at the C8 reveal. However, that doesn’t mean you can skip the entire Z51 package and still get that sub-three-second 0-60 time. We suspect the performance rear axle ratio with shorter gearing – something only available in the package – is what gives this car its ZR1-matching acceleration at lower speeds.


Customization Galore

Perhaps the greatest takeaway is the nearly endless rabbit hole of customization that owners can embrace with the new C8. We’ve seen the various seat and wheel combinations, interior color choices, exterior trim options, and even shades of paint for brake calipers. There are actually several different color options for seat belts, two different color options for interior stitching, and if somehow you can’t find a pleasing combination in what Chevrolet offers, there are two override options that allow buyers to pick-and-choose from the available palette of colors and trims. Personalized plaques are also available that includes the owner’s name and VIN, and as with previous Corvettes, you can also opt for a museum delivery.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Hit the source link below, click print book, and select print model to download the full order guide and create the C8 Corvette of your dreams.

H/T to Bruce for the heads up.

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