The MITSUBISHI Concept-cX is a new-generation compact SUV that realizes the ideal balance between environmental and everyday practical performance.

Lancer and i MIEV Euro debut

Mitsubishi has three debuts in store for the diverse European public. Starting with the much anticipated new European spec Lancer, Mitsubishi's new global sedan which has already launched in North America, Russia and Japan.

Secondly the 4.1 meter long 4WD Mitsubishi cX Concept should appeal to just as big, although entirely different crowd. The cX Concept is a new-generation compact SUV which displays Mitsubishi's new front grill and will be driven by their new 1.8 liter clean diesel in combination with Mitsubishi's new Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission).

And to appease the rest, Mitsubishi will also be showing the electric i MIEV in Europe for the first time.

More at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Gallery: Mitsubishi cX Concept at Frankfurt

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