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Two-seat sports cars aren't famous for their ample passenger volume, and this can especially be an issue for taller or larger folks who want to drive one. In a new video, Matt from the Lethal Garage YouTube channel has an opportunity to take a seat behind the wheel and see how the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 fits him. At 6-feet-5-inches tall and 300 pounds, he's a great person to see how tight the 'Vette is for a bigger body.

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The C8 sits low, so lowering his body inside is a little tough. After adjusting the seat and steering wheel, he says the fit is quite good. He even has the dealer install the roof panel to make sure there's enough headroom. With the piece in place, Matt figures he still has enough room to wear a helmet.

The Corvette's ergonomics seem fantastic. Even if the strip of buttons on the center console isn't great from an aesthetic perspective, they seem to be at a range that makes them easy for the driver to toggle. The infotainment screen also points right at the driver, which seems great for that person but not ideal if the passenger wants to change something.

In his estimation, a tall person with long legs might have a problem fitting inside the cabin, particularly someone who is more than 6-feet-7-inches tall. However, a driver with a longer torso might not have this issue because of the significant amount of headroom.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average American male is 5-feet-9-inches tall, which is far shorter than Matt. His test suggests that most folks who get behind the wheel of the new Corvette shouldn't have any problem fitting.

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