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Long before Chevy unveiled the 2020 Corvette earlier this month, artists offered countless design possibilities that would eventually lead the sub-$60,000 mid-engine Corvette we have today. We’ve even seen some of these other early design sketches from a former GM designer before, looking at both early proposals and one that looks similar to the car Chevy unveiled. What we have above is a look at what a retro-inspired C8 Corvette could look like if General Motors decided to take a more vintage approach to the new car’s design. It’s from the same artist who completed the other sketches.

The basis for the design is a red-and-white 1957 Corvette, which was a front-engined vehicle at the time. It’s an iconic look with a long hood, cascading rear end, sloped windshield and undeniably recognizable side scallop that flows from the front of the wheel arches, down the fenders, and doors before doubling back to the wheel wells.

It’s surprising how well the 1957 model’s design translates to the far sleeker rear-engined car. The flipped proportions mean the once-famous side scallop is a bit more subdued – it doesn’t wrap around the top of the wheel arch anymore. The artist also flipped the color scheme, making white the primary and red the accent. The cascading, rounded rear end returns, too, on the sketch. Overall, the design feels cohesive. Every line feels free-flowing without any hard or shard edges muddying the design.

It’s always exciting to peek behind the automotive curtain when given a chance. It’s easy to forget about the tremendous amount of time, effort, and money that goes into designing a new car. Ideas are constantly brought to the table, considered, debated, and tossed to the side, before being pulled out of the waste bin for a second look. While the 2020 Corvette C8 we have today looks nothing like the retro-inspired design above, it is neat to see someone giving it a classic look.

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