Flux will appear in the form of a full-scale model presented at Peugeot's exhibition space.

Romanian design student, Mihai Panaitescu, won the 4th Peugeot Design Competition at the Geneva Motor Show this past March with his Flux roadster concept. In addition to receiving EUR 6000, the grand prize includes a full-scale version of the Flux to be built by Peugeot’s Style Centre with public presentation commencing upon the following Frankfurt Motor Show. With only two weeks until the show, Peugeot has released images of the finished concept today.

Utilizing cutting edge technology and incorporating all of the design rules when building a concept vehicle, Peugeot’s Style Center lead by Delphine Gouget, fabricated the Flux in three months. The only remaining part of the prize is a virtual role for the Flux in a new version of the PGR 4 game on Xbox 360.

Peugeot Flux Concept in Full Scale at Frankfurt