Sergio Marchionne says Chrysler could have as many as 200,000 nine-speed transmissions in 2013 for three models.

After a speech in Detroit, Chrysler's CEO told reporters 9-speed gearboxes will be available in the Dodge Dart, the successor of the Jeep Liberty and the new Chrysler 200 mid-size sedan. The first to get this new transmission will be the Liberty replacement, followed by the Chrysler 200 or both the 200 and Dart. The new Jeep will go on sale in Q2 2013.

Marchionne said the reason for Dart's slow start last year is because it was sold at first exclusively with manual gearboxes and after that an optional dual clutch automatic became available which although is popular in Europe, it's not familiar in the U.S.

He hopes Chrysler will become more profitable in order to offset Fiat's significant loss in Europe. He wants increased profits on the old continent before Fiat and Chrysler will merge completely.

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