The Mixim concept car is a compact vehicle for young drivers who are mostly engaged by their computer and the world via the internet.

Targeted to younger drivers, the Mixim concept packs all of the goodies most post-pubesent Internet savvy teens may want. Powered by an electric motor/generator situated on each drive axel, the all-wheel-drive compact car is shorter and lower than the Nissan Micra while sporting diamond-shaped styling cues. Like the McLaren F1 the driver's seat is positioned in the middle of the cockpit while two buddies sit on the sides slightly behind the driver.  For the annoying little sibling, a removable fourth seat can be positioned in the trunk area. The instrument panel and steering wheel receive buttons and controls familiar to computer gamers, but on the exterior the most noticeable feature is the scissor doors.  Although series production is highly unlikely, the Mixim concept was developed along the Nissan Green Program which seeks to produce vehicles with sustainability as an objective.

Nissan Mixim Concept Revealed for Frankfurt