The video is frightening to watch.

While many of us expect some surprises when driving on the highway – inattentive and distracted drivers, speeders, road-raging commuters, and other vehicular shenanigans – we often don’t think we’ll see a loose tire rolling down the road by itself. But that’s what one person caught on video this week, along with the horrific results.

The brief video shows a large tire – witnesses told ABC 7 it came from a dump truck – rolling down New Jersey Route 440, careening toward the median. However, as it approaches the divider, the tire jumps into the air, bouncing on top of it before shooting over into oncoming traffic. The tire clips one car before slamming into the front end of a Jeep Wrangler. The video ends shortly after that but not before the Jeep explodes into a cloud of dust and debris.

According to ABC 7, John Rice of Piscataway, New Jersey was behind the Jeep’s wheel when he saw the tire coming toward him. He was in the vehicle behind his wife, Allison, and their three young children, afraid the tire would hit them. According to Allison, she was scared the tire would come through her windshield. The tire did hit her vehicle, clipping the rear end, before slamming into the Jeep.

Thankfully, neither Allison, the kids, nor John was seriously injured in the horrific incident. One more bounce in any direction could have spelled disaster for anyone on the road, and the results could have been much more tragic. According to the news outlet, the Rice family, along with the New Jersey State Police who are investigating the incident, would like to know where the tire came from. Witnesses told police the tire came from a dump truck, and you can spot the fuzzy gray silhouette of one in the video just ahead of the rolling tire.

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