Micra Colour + Concept has been given a two-tone treatment with a Liquid Metal gold paint effect running over the top of the car and contrasting with the three coat pearlescent white finish on the car’s flanks.

Nissan has chosen the eccentric Micra model to show the latest color and paint technology in the one-off “Micra Colour + Concept” which debuts in two weeks at Frankfurt. Developed by Nissan Design Europe, the Micra has a gold and white two-tone scheme which at first glance is just a two tone car with a lot of over spray on the windscreen. But closer inspection of the gold finish renders a surface which appears to be liquid. This is accomplished with a special-effect pigment added to the paint.  Naturally, Nissan chose to coat all semi-horizontal surfaces including the windshield with the Liquid Metal gold paint to enhancing the liquid effect as light reflects more efficiently to bystanders looking down upon it. For the vertical surfaces, Nissan uses a standard three-stage clearcoat pearl white for contrast. Don't forget your swimming trunks.

Nissan will also take the opportunity to present new trim upgrades for the Micra which include an assortment of chrome accents throughout plus blackened headlamp bezels and B-Pillar for a more mature look according to Nissan. The Micra also gets double DIN radio/CD player with Bluetooth allowing hands-free phone conversations. Other upgrades include a USB plug for portable MP3 players and a speed limit warning device.

Nissan Micra Colour + Concept Show Car Revealed