According to a recent report, BMW is considering an entry-level roadster in the same vein as the original Z3.

We haven't heard much about the BMW Z2 lately, but new details are starting to emerge about the entry-level roadster.

Autocar is reporting that one of their sources has confirmed the company is considering an entry-level model in the same vein as the original Z3. The informant went on to say the car is about the same size as the Z3 but will ride on the company's front-wheel drive UKL platform.

In order to keep costs down, the model will likely be developed alongside the next-generation MINI Coupe and Roadster. The car is also expected to eschew the Z4's folding hardtop for a cheaper fabric roof.

Engine options remain unconfirmed, but speculation suggests we can expect a fairly limited petrol lineup. There's also word of an M Performance variant which could have all-wheel drive and a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with up to 300 bhp (224 kW).

The BMW Z2 could be launched in 2015 with a base price as low as £15,000.