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We suspect most salespeople aren't going to have a very tough job of convincing interested buyers into purchasing a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette. However, the sales staff have a playbook with all of the new 'Vette's features and accessories just in case a customer has any questions. The folks from Corvette Blogger have now gotten ahold of this document and posted it online.

The dealer playbook is like a 2020 Corvette encyclopedia. It has everything you can currently know about the car, including the engine output, elements of each trim level, and available accessories.

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The most interesting areas are where Chevy tells salespeople special selling points about the new 'Vette. These include things like the windshield location causing airflow to put downforce on the front wheels for better grip. The guide also explains what each driving mode does, including the new Z-Mode that lets the driver customize twelve performance variables and activate them at the push of a button.

The document also includes all of the details from Chevy's Corvette configurator. It's a great way to see all of those elements in one place without the extra wait time for the somewhat slow site to load. The guide even provides a fantastic explanation about what differentiates the GT1, GT2, and Competition Sport seats.

If you've got a friend who isn't as into cars as you are, this guide is the best way to sum up everything about the 2020 'Vette in one place. There's not much in this document that's new, but it's the best place yet to see pictures and descriptions of everything.

Current info suggests that the Corvette's official pricing announcement comes on August 15. Look for the first deliveries to arrive in showrooms before the end of the year.

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