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A new Cadillac Escalade is in the works. We first saw a heavily camouflaged test vehicle in December 2018, and more recently, we’ve glimpsed the big Caddy’s interior. Or did we? Our spy teams are awesome at digging up inside information on the vehicles they catch, but that also means automakers are increasingly clever when it comes to hiding such things. As such, the Escalade interior sighting we had in June may not have been the new SUV’s interior after all. Sort of, anyway.

Things seemed a bit strange, because that interior appeared to show a rather small infotainment screen. Rumors we’d heard about the new Escalade suggested it was getting a larger screen, and as you can see from this batch of spy shots, there’s a completely different layout inside with a bigger screen incorporated into the dash. Here’s a comparison of the previous sighting (on the left) with the new sighting (on the right).

Cadillac Escalade
Cadillac Escalade Interior Spy Photo

Both sightings featured a heavily camouflaged Cadillac body on the outside, but our sources now believe that first look used a GMC Yukon Denali interior. After further digging with some inside sources, the spy team allegedly learned that at least one Escalade prototype apparently had a Yukon interior, as the Caddy’s interior hadn’t yet been integrated into test vehicles. The Suburban / Yukon / Escalade all have the same bones, so the explanation makes sense. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait for an official reveal to know for sure.

In the meantime, we have these shots and they fit better with the rumors we heard about the touchscreen. Yes, most of the interior is still well-covered, but the screen looks to be integrated into the dash similar to the digital cockpits we see in various Mercedes-Benz models. Wood trim peeks out beneath the screen, and in one shot we can also see the Caddy’s shifter.

Is it possible these photos also show an incorrect interior? Anything is possible in the absence of official confirmation, which of course Cadillac will not offer on spy shots. However, the layout better matches the rumors we’ve heard and what we’d expect to see in the next-generation Escalade. The big luxury SUV should lose all its coverings – inside and out – sometime next year as a 2021 model.

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