Friends, radical automotive tomfoolery is afoot once again. Crazy engine swaps are nothing new, but horsepower addicts have an affinity for fitting the Dodge Hellcat V8 into just about anything with four wheels. And why not? This is a production-spec engine producing 707 horsepower (527 kilowatts) straight from the box – no assembly required. Though in the case of this MX-5 Miata, some obvious disassembly was needed to make the marriage official. And it’d definitely official.

For the record, this is thesame devil-possessed Miata we saw atomizingrubber in April. Back then the build was barely completed, but this fresh video from Hoonigan Daily Transmission on YouTube presents the car in a finished form, not the least of which includes a searing orange paint job. We’re cool with it – among other things, it highlights just how happy this Mazda is to have an engine producing 685 hp (511 kW) to the tire. Come on, just look at the grinning face.

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With that kind of power, this MX-5 is capable of ripping burnouts in sixth gear. According to the video, the car only weighs 2,580 pounds (1,170 kilograms) so the engine isn’t saddled with much weight. Honestly, we don’t know if the top gear was used for any of these gratuitous tire slaying sessions, but it so doesn’t matter. First gear is useless, as is second and third. Simply sneezing in this car can result in a smoke show, and as the video clearly demonstrates, this car loves to smoke. Two sets of tires were obliterated during this festival of power, and as far as we can tell, the various drivers weren’t even trying that hard.

Of course, the excessive engine upsets the Miata’s weight distribution just a bit. We actually find ourselves curious at how well this car could tackle a road course, given a seriously sticky set of tires and a restrained right foot. We want to believe it could be epic, but it would most likely end up just like this video ends – a rubber-coated Miata riding on bare rims.

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