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With consumers flocking to crossovers and SUVs, automotive designers are applying car-like design traits to these larger, taller vehicles. One recent trend is crossover coupes – a four-door, high-riding vehicle with a sloping rear roofline that gives the impression of a sportier personality. Yes, it’s a bastardization of the word coupe, but it’s another way for carmakers to differentiate their products without an all-new model. It’s unlikely Kia will travel down this road for its refreshed 2020 Sportage; however, a new rendering from our friends at does give us a peek at the possibility, and it looks stylish.

The rendering shows a bright blue Kia Sportage. Little is changed at the front. It looks like your standard non-coupe Sportage. However, things take a drastic turn midway through the vehicle when the roof begins to slope. To accommodate the sloping roof, the rear passenger window is narrower, now featuring a small kick upward that only adds to the Sportage’s sportier appearance. The most significant design change is with the hatch. In the rendering, it’s far more raked than on the standard Sportage. It helps complete the coupe-like look without actually chopping off the rear passenger doors.

Gallery: Kia Sportage Coupe Rendering

The Kia Sportage coupe does its best Mercedes GLC Coupe impression in this rendering, giving the affordable Kia a look that far exceeds its fictional price tag. Kia Sportage sales have been climbing steadily since 2013 with a slight dip in 2017 before recovering the following year – and that was before the redesign went on sale earlier this spring. Sales are looking strong for 2019, too. While a coupe version of the Kia Sportage is likely not in the plans, it could help accelerate sales. Other automakers are doing it. Then again, that's a terrible excuse for any costly venture.

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