For the first time, you can use this search function to look for local information everywhere in Germany with the world’s most famous online search engine.

BMW has announced today they are the first to offer Google local search service through their in-car navigation system for the German market. After performing a search, the results can be transferred to the navigation system by pressing a button. The system then calculates the location of the vehicle and intended destination and displays the matching results in the vicinity. For example, Google local search can provide addresses, phone numbers to the closest dry cleaners, hotel, bank or restaurant to name a few.

Google local search service is the latest time saving tool in the arsenal of features encapsulated in BMW's online and telematic services concept known as ConnectedDrive. Also included for some time now is Google Maps service which sends driving directions to your car's navigation system which automatically integrates the information.

Depending on the navigation system ordered, ConnectedDrive services can be obtained free of charge for up to three years.

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