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It was a little under a year ago when we first learned about this monster pickup from Hennessey called Goliath. Based on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss, the truck obviously has a few minor upgrades and by that, we mean bonkers to a level seldom seen in the aftermarket automotive world. When Hennessey first announced the truck in September 2018 it was just a series of renderings, but the Texas-based shop now has an actual Goliath on the street, and well, it looks even more terrifying in motion.

For starters, yes this is an actual 6x6 build. Hennessey completely changes up the rear suspension for the extra axle, and all four wheels in the back put power to the ground. Hennessey also builds a special bed with a menacing rollbar to accommodate the extra rubber, and it’s jacked up eight inches into the air with a big lift kit. 20-inch Hennessey wheels are shod with 37-inch BFG off-road tires, and the stock bumpers are replaced with Hennessey components.

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It appears not everything is the same as we were told back in September, however. The truck was originally announced with a big power boost to 705 horsepower (526 kilowatts), which Hennessey said could send the 6-wheeler to 60 mph in an astonishing 4.5 seconds. This truck is far more modest under the hood, boasting only 450 horsepower thanks to a cold air intake and a throaty stainless steel exhaust upgrade. We can still see Brembo brakes behind the big wheels though, and Goliath branding can be found both on the inside and outside.

As for production, the plan is still to build just 24 of these monster Silverados at a cost of $375,000 each. The first one already has a buyer – a gentleman who Hennessey says owns the largest potato farm in Wisconsin. This truck should certainly get him through the potato fields without issue, though at $375,000 we suspect Goliath will serve a less active role in his fleet.

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