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The wait is almost over. The idea of a mid-engined Corvette is over 50 years old, and after several proposals and failed concepts, the C8 unveiling happens Thursday, July 18. GM will have a livestream of the special event taking place in Tustin, California – the action begins at 7:50 PM PDT / 10:50 PM EDT / 0250 AM GMT (July 19), and you can watch it below.

The C8 Chevrolet Corvette probably won’t be unveiled right away. The livestream should open with remarks from GM executives and will likely include a retrospective of the Corvette’s 66-year history. Aside from media folks like ourselves, GM has also invited select members of the Corvette enthusiast community to partake in the unveiling, and that could also be part of the reveal. Following the C8’s debut, Chevrolet will embark on a nationwide C8 tour, taking the new Corvette to dealerships around the country where people can get an up-close at its mid-engine makeover.

Looking throughout automotive history, we struggle to find a comparable occasion for the C8’s special day. Yes, there have been many highly anticipated vehicle reveals, some very recently like the Toyota Supra. However, the Corvette’s unbroken 66-year production run makes it one of the oldest surviving monikers in the automotive world. It’s also undoubtedly a global performance icon, but it obviously holds a very special place as America’s sports car. Add in the not-insignificant platform change with the engine moving behind the driver, and yeah, you have all the ingredients for something extraordinary.

The day is almost here. Bookmark this article and join us on July 18 as we finally witness the culmination of a vehicle over a half-century in the making.

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