This 4x4, Four-Door, Military-Grade RV Is Built For War

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RVs and motorhomes range from tiny travel trailers built for two, to luxury homes on wheels capable of sleeping the Griswolds while they’re on their latest zany adventure. But the military-grade RV in the video above is far more capable than taking the family to the Ozarks. It’s a beastly thing with four-doors – unusual in the industry – and four-wheel drive, another rare feature. The sand-brown exterior paint adds to its military aesthetic.

The RV is built on a Freightliner business class chassis from 2017. Under the hood is a straight-six Cummins diesel engine that makes 350 horsepower (260 kilowatts) and 1,100 pound-feet (1,491 Newton-meters) of torque. Power hits the ground through 44-inch tires typically found on military vehicles, and it’s capable of towing 20,000 pounds (9,071 kilograms) with its conventional hitch. There’s a spare tire on the back that’s so high off the ground it comes with a unique lowering winch – not that you’d want to change the tire yourself anyway.

One unique feature is the steel sides. Usually, RVs use fiberglass for the cab’s exterior. Other features include 50- and 80-gallon fuel tanks for a total of 130 gallons of diesel fuel. Both the front and rear axle feature locking differentials, too.

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For as crazy as the exterior is, the interior is far more conventional. There’s a dinette set, sofa, kitchen top, stove, stainless-steel sink, and plenty of storage. It can sleep up to seven; however, there isn’t a bed in the back. Instead, the cabin’s second-row bench seat folds flat into a bed. At the rear is a bathroom that’s far roomier than you’d expect in a motorhome of this size. It features three A/C units, soft-close drawers, a full-size microwave, and more.

This RV is a pre-owned unit with just under 9,000 miles (14,484 kilometers) on the odometer. It’s borderline new with an asking price of $349,990. That’s a lot of money, but you’d look cool when you arrived at the campground.

Source: Big Truck Big RV via YouTube

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