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The Sketch Monkey is apparently on a kick of reimagining the designs of Giorgetto Giugiaro because after taking a shot at modernizing the DeLorean, he's now tackling the Subaru SVX. For an idea of how The Sketch Monkey's version stands up to the original, use's sliding comparison tool, below.

Modern Subaru SVX Design Render
Subaru SVX

The Sketch Monkey largely drops most of the SVX's major styling elements either because he doesn't like them or because he has an alternate idea. The biggest alteration is doing away with the original model's window-within-a-window design. Instead of the original chiseled design, this rendering makes the Subaru appear far more curvaceous. The tiny trapezoidal exhaust pipes give way to more traditional circular outlets in this rendering.

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The Sketch Monkey's creation looks so little like the original SVX that it's hard to consider this a proper revival of the coupe. However, many of the vehicle's more eye-catching touches could definitely appear dated to modern eyes. The hard edges and bizarre greenhouse don't really fit with modern styling trends, so the artist decides to alter them. His creation might be every bit as polarizing as the original for many people, though.

The original SVX was Subaru's entry into the booming Japanese sports coupe market in the early 1990s. It was more of a grand tourer than a hardcore performance car and only an automatic transmission was available. The engine was a 3.3-liter flat six, which was the brand's largest powerplant in a production vehicle up to that point. At launch, all-wheel drive was standard, but a cheaper, front-wheel-drive variant arrived in the United States later in the vehicle's run. The interior was luxurious by the standard of the brand's models at the time with bolstered, leather-upholstered seats and available wood trim.

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