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Collections are people's representation – of their interests, their hobbies, or might even go far as their addiction. The passion and time, not to mention the costs, spent to complete a solid collection aren't any easy feat, that's why we always commend people who tout an amassment of anything, especially when related to cars.

Now, we've seen a man who owns 114 VW Golfs, but nothing compares to the Hot Wheels collection of a man who lived in Kearny County in Kansas. The count? Nearly 100,000 Hot Wheels that have never left their packaging as of date. We reckon these toys are basically time capsules since some of them were bought from the 1960s.


In a report by KCTV News, the massive Hot Wheels collection is going to a three-day estate sale on July 18-20, 2019 in Overland Park, Kansas. Its unnamed owner died recently and Lily's Estate Sales is taking care of the auction arrangement of the cool toy collection.

Andrew Rowland, the owner of Lily’s Estate Sales, told the television station that the toy packagings don't have dust. Even better, they are stored in plastic bins and sorted by make and model. Rowland also added that the owner had his own collection at home apart from these that were in storage.

The owner of this huge collection was a member of the Mo-Kan Hot Wheelers Collectors Club. Kenny Bates, who's also a member of the club and has known the collector for two decades, told KCTV News that some of the Hot Wheels in this collection are very rare, such as the Leo Mattel's samples from India, which were made only at a specific period and never exported.

Bates also shared that they would hunt for factory-sealed first editions and rare models. The more common part of the collection would be sold for $1 apiece, however, some of them would sell for several hundreds of dollars.

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