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With truck drivers having to spend most of the day behind the wheel of their cabs, hauling goods to key points around the country, it's pretty safe to say that there isn't much time in there for staying fit. Sitting for long periods of time can be unhealthy and add the challenges of burning out because of fatigue, and you have what can be a tedious and tiring job.

Gallery: Iveco Fit Cab Concept

Iveco plans to change all of that with their new concept called the Fit Cab. Part of their new global truck lineup, the Fit Cab is a concept that sits in their Way range. Iveco wants to envision a cab where physical activity is easily accessible and drivers can stay mentally and physically sound through being active. And what better way to do that than to have all the opportunities available to you, regardless of where you are. The Iveco Fit Cab features various mounting points for gym equipment on the inside and on the exterior of the cab.

The exterior has that fitness-club vibe going on, with the font and the inside gets a myriad of built-in hooks and anchor points to set up fitness equipment. You have a multi-directional pulley integrated into one of the cab walls, and a folded multi-grip solution is tucked into the ceiling. There are also sliders, weights, and resistance bands inside, with a retractable front step that can be slid out at will.

The concept isn't near production level just yet, and it'll serve as a customer feedback tool, allowing drivers and those interested to give their inputs. Iveco plans to showcase this Fit Cab concept at the upcoming 2019 European Truck Racing Championships on July 19 in Nürburgring, Germany. There it will conduct workshops with customers and gather feedback for the next development phase of the cabin concept. 

Source: Iveco

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