Friends, horsepower is a nasty addiction. So is racing, and if you ever needed proof of just how bad the addiction can get, we give you this devilishly awesome hearse. Seriously, this machine is pure evil and not just because its racing number is 666. The actual VIN ends in 666, or rather, 6664. As far as we're concerned, that's close enough to officially call it the beast.

This is a fresh clip from 1320video on YouTube, and well, what more can we say? It’s a hearse, specifically a 1990’s GM B-Body design, which means it could be a Chevrolet Caprice or a Buick Roadmaster. Both models used the same front clip, and both received hearse conversions back in the day. Honestly, at this point it doesn’t matter, because a peek inside shows this fiendish ride has been gutted worse than a med school cadaver. There is absolutely no interior, and as far as creature comforts are concerned, there are three racing seats because let’s not forget, this is a vehicle that brings families together.

Gallery: 10-Second Chevrolet Hearse

Of greater importance is what’s under the hood. We don’t have much in the way of details, but we do know it’s a GM LS6 V8 that’s force-fed with a blower, connected to a beefed-up 4L80 automatic transmission. Apparently, the build was only recently completed, as the owner explained some engine issues while dyno-tuning the beast. Still, it made 910 horsepower while starved for electricity at higher RPM, so with all the gremlins dialed out, this could easily be a 1,000-hp hearse.

As it is, the thing already takes care of business. The runs shown in this video are very early in the car’s life, and it’s already running the quarter mile in 10.2 seconds at close to 140 mph. Interestingly, it actually looks much slower than it is – chalk that up to watching a 22-foot-long car launching itself down a drag strip.

It’s big. It’s crazy. It’s different. And we love it.

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