Nanjing Jiayuan EV has applied for a patent of a new electric vehicle which looks a lot like the Smart ForSpeed concept.

Chinese automaker Nanjing Jiayuan EV has recently applied for a trademark registration of a new electric vehicle which looks terribly similar to the Smart ForSpeed concept.

It seems the copy/paste technique is still going strong among Chinese car makers as this new EV is basically a ForSpeed with a roof. The photos in the trademark filling show an almost identical car, especially when looking at the front fascia. Even the wheels show some similarities with the ForSpeed concept while at the back the taillights are also copied. The only difference is the addition of a black roof.

Nanjing Jiayuan EV is a medium-sized Chinese firm also known as Yani and they are based in Nanjing in Jiangsu Province. They usually make affordable and basic EVs so the one in these photos will have nothing in common hardware-wise with the Smart as it will probably get some simple electric motors and large batteries.

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