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So, you thought C8 Corvette coverage might dip before the big reveal? Think again – if anything we’ve had more mid-engined Corvette spy photos, renderings, and leaks in the last few days than we’ve had in the last month. A fresh video from Carspotter Jeroen on YouTube catches a couple of prototypes on public streets in Germany, near the Nürburgring where we recently caught C8 test vehicles – possibly these very cars – turning laps.

This sighting is a particularly good one. The cars are still fully wrapped in camouflage, but the high-definition video catches them on public roads at slower speeds versus the recent ‘Ring spy shots where a prototype was snapped going much faster. As such, we’re given a nice look from all angles, specifically the rear where it sure looks like everything lines up with the leaked C8 backside shots from a few days ago.

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Perhaps of greater significance is the clear look we get along the sides and front clip. We’ve seen countless prototypes with exaggerated body lines and false panels under the camo wrap, hiding the C8’s true shape. By comparison, these test cars look pretty darned clean. We see modest lines on the hood that look natural, and on the doors, the upper body line is very subdued. The lower body line near the rocker panel is also less flamboyant, though the side vents still look a bit oversized. Here’s a side-by-side comparison with an older spy photo to showcase what we mean by “fake panels.”

C8 Chevrolet Corvette Spy Screenshot
C8 Corvette NCM Bash

It’s possible GM still has some clever concealment happening on these prototypes, but with the official reveal just a week away as of this writing, the lines seen here could be the real deal. We will be in Tustin, California for the big event on July 18, and you’ll be able to watch the reveal as it happens through a livestream right here at It should be quite the party.

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