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On eBay DE there is a Ferrari Enzo replica powered by a V12 engine sourced from a BMW.

Replicas are a dime a dozen but this one has managed to grab our attention. It's a pretty well-made replica of the Enzo, but we can easily tell it's not the real deal after looking at the rear window's shape covering the engine bay and how it is connected to the roof. The interior cabin is also not authentic especially after checking the steering wheel and the gated shifter.

At its heart is a BMW V12 5.0-liter engine probably borrowed from an 850i. It generates 400 hp (298 kW) and is connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The vehicle is 4700mm long, 2030mm wide and 1140mm tall, with a 2650mm wheelbase and a "glass fiber and carbon fiber composite body."

The entire exhaust system is taken from an original Ferrari F50, while the stopping power is provided by eight-piston calipers up front and six-piston calipers at the back. It rides on 19-inch alloys wrapped around in Continental tires measuring 255/30 ZR 19 front and 315/25 ZR 19 back.

The eBay listing ends on January 7 and right now there are 15 bids, with the highest one at 40,043 EUR. 

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