Teslas are silent killers at the drag strip, as we’ve seen time and again. The Dragtimes team recently hit the quarter-mile track at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida with a fleet of them, including three Model X SUVs decked out with Ludicrous Plus mode. The mission? Wreak electric havoc on a Lamborghini Urus to claim SUV supremacy. And in that mission, the Teslas were a success. Sort of, anyway.

Before we explain what that means, we’ve taken the liberty of breaking up this rather lengthy video into segments, so in addition to the full clip above (which is still a good way to spend 17 minutes) we have the specific races singled out below and set to start as soon as you hit play. As far as wreaking havoc, the swarm of Teslas (which also included a Model 3) had a couple of obstacles to overcome.


For starters, a veritable monsoon hit the track shortly before the crew arrived, so it was questionable whether actual passes down the strip would even take place. Conditions ultimately improved, but as you can see in the first run above, it was the 641-horsepower (478-kilowatt) Lambo that did the havoc-wreaking. This is what happens when torque-happy electric motors turn all four wheels without the benefit of launch control.


As you can see in the second run, it was all Tesla. However, in the Lambo’s defense, the driver’s reaction time at the light was abysmal.


Sadly, with the weather conditions and limited time, only two runs took place between the petrol-powered Lambo and the electric Model X army. The third race pitted one of the SUVs against a Model 3 that was also on hand for the fun, and the result was a blistering 11.20 for the Model X – a time that the video says is a record for a stock SUV.


The final race was another Model 3-versus-Model X matchup, with the SUV coming out on top yet again.

What's the moral of the story here? If you happen to roll up next to a Tesla at the drag strip, whether it’s a Model 3, Model S, or a beefy Model X, you better bring your A game.

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