Professional drivers show their drifting skills with an Audi R8 and a BMW S1000RR in this fun to watch video.

Jorian Ponomareff is showing us his drifting capabilities in the German superbike, while joining in the fun is an Audi R8 that also decides to do a session of drifting.

BMW started producing the S1000RR in 2009 when they made 1,000 units to meet World Superbike homologation requirements, but decided to expand production in 2010 to meet demand.

With a wet weight of 458 lbs (207,7 kg), the S1000RR has an inline-four 999cc engine producing 179,2 hp (133,6 kW) at 13,250 rpm at the rear wheel. Fitted as standard with an anti-lock braking system, the BMW S1000RR can feature an optional electronic traction control system.

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